"The ability to Understand the Unknown,

is an Unknown ability to Understand."

Author: CosmiClown


CosmiClown records at WIGzRADiO - A Media Studio located across the tracks near sunny Ft Wayne,In. You may contact via e-mail Musical Comedy, politically in-un correct... whatever it takes. The theme is amidst the doom & gloom, there is Hope that mankind can survive his own destructive ways and break away from the darkness of only living within ones selfish (mindless ego) and believe in awareness - freewill... love - a universal concept!!! hoorah for the good guys!

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Visit WIGzRADiO's channel at You Tube for the listings of videos. Check back for new additions occasionally, as it is growing.

Somehow you have ventured onto the CosmiClown homepage. Not much here at the moment.

More to come soon.

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