"The ability to Understand the Unknown,

is an Unknown ability to Understand."

Author: CosmiClown


CosmiClown records at WIGzRADiO - A Media Studio located across the tracks near sunny Ft Wayne,In. You may contact via e-mail Musical Comedy, politically in-un correct... whatever it takes. The theme is amidst the doom & gloom, there is Hope that mankind can survive his own destructive ways and break away from the darkness of only living within ones selfish (mindless ego) and believe in awareness - freewill... love - a universal concept!!! hoorah for the good guys!

Debut Album Release scheduled Mid March 2012

It's almost here. The release of COSMICLOWN'S debut album.
Self titled "COSMICLOWN" will become available for purchase in Early to mid March of 2012.
As a Mp3 album and good ole CD with pics and stuff to read.

 The store of COSMICLOWN located at REVERBNATION  -

Visit REVERBNATION and preview the 12 tracks and a few Videos.
The details of the final release are still not 100% set in stone.
There is talk of additional bonus material. Someone suggested an Interview???
The Album will contain all 12 songs and more.

WIGzRADiO Media is very excited and proud to be involved with COSMICLOWN.

See you on the web...
CosmiClown loves wigZradiO mEdia

all for now.... Peace, Hope & Love and of course ROCK & ROLL !

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